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About Us

We have been working as a manufacturer group in Istanbul, Turkey
since 1970. At the moment three companies are running by the group.
IEC Socks is one of them that started to make sock in 1998 and
became one of the best socks producers very soon.

Being the youngest and most dynamic socks manufacturer in the socks world,
the company has been very successful in producing good quality socks
and risen its aims up higher more and more.

On the other hand all of our products are exported to USA, England,
France, Germany and other European countries. Therefore we want to be
one of the best trade marks in the world.

To sum up, our group was established as a family firm in 1970. However,
it became a very big and strong trade mark eventually.
With our selected staff and high technology, we will ever work to make
high quality products for our very much-esteemed clients.









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